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Tibet is the ultimate adventure-travel destination in the world. Located in the Himalaya, with high-altitude desert like landscapes, desolated valleys and glittering mountains in the South, Tibet presents itself as a unique trekking destination in the world. Exploring the unexplored valleys of Tibet has always inspired the mankind for centuries, ever since Henrich Harrer provided the first-hand experience of living in the region to the western world. With most of the trails located at almost-inaccessible terrain and high altitude, trekking in the region encounters greater challenge and uniquely adventurous possibilities. Summiting Everest Base Camp from the Northern (Tibetan) side is equally famous and challenging.

Trekking in Tibet can also offer a unique experience to those unaware of Ancient Central Asian culture, arts, architecture and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Himalaya.

Lhasa to Mt. Kailash-Spiritual Journey to Tibet
US $3,900

Lhasa to Mt. Kailash-Spiritual Journey to Tibet

(22 days)
Mount Kailash (6,638m/21,778ft), locally known as "Gang Rinpoche," is considered a sacred peak by Hindus, Buddhists, Bon and Jains alike. Located in the Kailsh Range near two of the largest lake in the region, Lake Mansarovar and Lake Rakhshastal, it is a part of Trans-Himalay
Everest Kangshung Face Trek
US $3,935

Everest Kangshung Face Trek

(24 days)
Kangshung Face (3,350m/11,000ft) from its base to the summit in Kangshung Glacier is the East Face of Mount Everest, located in the Tibetan side. Few of the major highlights of the trek are; A secular high class trek to the remote Kangshung Face of Everest in
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