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This Nepali based company either met or exceeded my expectations

Everest Base Camp & Cho-la Pass

Nepal had been on my bucketlist for over a decade before I finally booked a trekking trip in 2016. The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world and Nepal has most of the highest peaks. After months of consulting with friends and doing countless hours of independent research, I chose to employ Nepal Vision Treks for my trekking group of 6. We signed up to do the 21 day Everest 3 Passes Trek, but had to change our itinerary due to conditions and illness. This Nepali based company either met or exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them.

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Krista PetrieWallace
Ontario, Canada

Highly reccomend the professionality of the staff

Mera peak climb

I wish send to you my best thank you for your wonderful organization. Every thing was perfect since I arrive in the airport in kathmandu. Your guides were very nice and the first day trip in the city was perfect, even the hotel and dinner.

About the Mera peak trek and climbing was amusing. The Sherpa Mr. Pemba was the best guida I met in my life of climbing ( I live in Italy Dolomites mountain). He helped me and Mr. Paolo in any circumstance to help to reach the goal. The last 3 days Mr Pemba helped like a crazy to reach the Mera peak pushing and pulling to go head really incredible leader, with a strong character. Of course he was really helpful when on the way to return I had a distortion of my left leg he went running down from the Mera Peak to the first village Khare to call helicopter and other Sherpa he help me carry for 6/7 hours until the Khare village with my broke leg.

I was surpriseed by the strength and disposability of this person. At the end I reach to Khare and after few minutes helicopter take me to khatmandu.

For my experience in Nepal I can say this office is really reccomended for the professionality of his staff. In kathmandu, Ms Shova Khanal and in the mountain Mr Pemba Sherpa for his help and experience.

I hope next year go back to this company to make other exsaiting adventure maybe a peak over 7000 m.And my last conclusion don't hesitate choose these professional people.

My best regards and see you soon for new climbing.

Carlo Volpi
Dolomites, Italy

Best Himalaya Trip of my life

I wanted to write you and let you know how happy Matt and myself were with our trek (16th Oct -28th Oct). We honestly could have not asked for a better guide or porter. Santosh was amazing, very professional, helpful and really made our trip a lot of fun, Januk our porter was also fantastic, he was such a great young man who we really enjoyed spending the two weeks with, they both went above and beyond to make our trek as special as it was and we are forever grateful to them both, I would highly recommend both of them to future clients.

Thanks you for all your prompt reply and for making the process really simple and clear from start to finish. We are very happy to recommend Nepal Vision to all of our friends and family. Nepal is an amazing country with very humble and kind people, hiking through the Himalayans was an experience that will stay with me forever, we may even come back for another hike in the future.

Thank you so much again for all your help and professionalism with organising our trek.

Many Thanks

Ali Hill

My Big thanks to Nepal Vision!

trek review

My Big thanks to Nepal Vision and Staffs; for their great support and awesome encouragement I've received for last 3 yrs adventured with them my 1st trek was Oct, 2011 Annapurna trek plus Tibet trip, 2nd the Oct, 2012 the incredible Island Peak and 3rd trek Oct, 2013 Himalaya's high lifted Gokyo Lake trek. I can say their amazingly experienced professional and extraordinary guide Deepak and Mingma the Sherpa and humble and kind porters support I was able to summit and continued the desired treks. In Oct, 2014 I'm hoping and able to experience climbing the Mera Peak hope many trekkers will join this trek and support each other and conquer the magnificent "Mera Peak" I'm an older hiker I plan on take advantage of Nepal Vision's guide and support for my future expeditions and I highly recommend this company to any adventures as myself.

Peggy Park
California, USA

Wow, what to say about Nepal Vision

Wow, what to say about Nepal Vision. Whilst not everything went to plan on my trek - due to sickness and weather - i could not say more about the care that my guide and Keshav (manager) took with me. This company certainly offers to most economic costs, and do not take any cuts with service. My guide Laxman was an absolute character; who was determined that we accomplish the formidable 3 passes. Whilst other guides we met along the way were unwilling to take on these peaks during the winter, Laxman was equal to my determination and always remarked 'no worry, chicken curry'.

I must also speak for Keshav (manager). Who, when things went wrong (hotel lost my suitcase) would stop at nothing to find a solution. He is also a very humble and kind man, who will do his best to help anyone out.

All in all, this company is as amazing as this trek. Don't settle for just the EBC trek, get off the beaten path and you shall find true challenges.

JB vagabond
Everest Three Passes Trek, December 2013

19 Day EBC and Gokyo Trek

I'm a 26 year old Australian male who travelled with my 57 year old mother. We decided on Nepal Vision after reviewing their detailed website and having extensive communication with Chet, a helpful and friendly manager of the company. On Chet's advice, we selected November 4, 2013 for our departure date and off we went.

The trek was perfect, seriously. Our guide Bala and our porter Raju were complete professionals and ensured everything went smoothly. The weather was sublime at this time of year and when we decided a certain pass was going to be too much for my mother, our guide, in consultation with us, negotiated a new route that better suited her abilities and timeframe. This was particularly impressive - rather than strictly adhering to the itinerary, the guide's experience in the park allowed him to easily fix a new plan and allow us to reach our ultimate goal of EBC without a hitch. This is the value of this company - their guides 'grow up' in the company and are trusted to make expert decisions. They are more than guys off the street - they care about you, your trek and your experience with Nepal Vision. Otherwise, we learnt so much about the Khumbu region, always felt safe and had everything taken care of from the moment we arrived in Kathmandu.

I cannot recommend the company highly enough. Go to Nepal, trek, and support a local business that is doing great things bringing the highest mountains of the world to people around the world.

Andrew D
Ballarat, Australia
November 2013, EBC and Gokyo Trek

Annapurna Base Camp - trip of a lifetime!!!

I have signed up for the solo Everest Base Camp trek in December 2013 with Nepal Vision Treks and Expedition. The trip was pre-arranged several months in advance. I was taken care by Nepal Vision from the day of my first email. I liked prompt replies to my emails with questions about the upcoming trip and all the details provided by the company. When I arrived in Kathmandu Nepal Vision staff helped me to sort out things like getting a local SIM card, getting the sleeping bag for rent and etc. My every request was addressed basically right away.

I couldn't fly out to Lukla for 3 days to start the EBC trek because of the weather. Nepal Vision quickly came up with a solution and organized an alternative route - Annapurna Base Camp and flew me down to Pokhara as soon as we agreed on the schedule and the date I wanted to be back in Kathmandu. As I was doing a solo trek Nepal Vision provided a guide and a porter - friendly and helpful staff speaking basic English (which was quite alright for the trip) and easy to trek with. During the trek everything (lodging, food and etc) was taken care of in detail. Both my guide and the porter were flexible during the trek, if I felt like it, we covered more distance during the day than planned and etc.

I had a lifetime experience in the Himalaya and Nepal Vision contributed a great deal to that. Special thanks to Chett Bhatta from Nepal Vision for very customer oriented approach, for taking care of things, for making me feel at home in Nepal and Himalaya. I would certainly recommend Nepal Vision Treks and Expedition for the trekking journeys in the Himalaya.

everest base camp trek review

Katya K
Jan, 2014 Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek The trip of a life time!!!

It was a two year plan original goal was to climb Everest Base Camp with a friend .Three months prior to our planned departure date ,my friend pulled out of the trip. I was determined to visit Nepal and to do a Trek .I had been in touch with Nepal Vision Treks. Who I found online ..I was dealing with Keshav ..his quick response to all my questions was greatly appreciated ..particularly when my original plans changed and I would now be travelling alone .Nothing was too much trouble ,Nepal Vision Treks and Keshav are a very efficient and professional company ..This was my first time in Nepal and my first time trekking. I ended up doing the 21day Annapurna Circuit which I highly recommend, I always felt safe and in good hands. My guide Santosh , who quickly became my friend was the best . He was always professional, patient, and organized. I was so well looked after .The whole experience was beyond my expectations. And the trip of a life time..I will be back in 2014 to do Base Camp and I will be using Nepal Vision Treks again for my planed return to Nepal"....thank you Keshav, Santosh and Ramesh.

everest base camp trek review

David Stanfield
Auckland, New Zealand
8th May, 2013 Annapurna Circuit Trek

Strongly recommend for the expertise of Nepal Vision Treks & Expeditions

I have recently returned from an amazing and rewarding experience on the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. I attribute the ease and success of the trip to the expertise of the staff at Nepal Vision Treks and Expeditions and strongly recommend them for trekking in Nepal. I have longed to visit Nepal all my life, and now in my 50’s, I realized that I needed to make the trip while still in good health. I had originally planned to use a US outfitter, but as I began to do my research discovered the exact same treks for a much more economical rate using a Nepal outfitter. I was impressed by the information I found at the Nepal Vision web site, including their approach to the health and safety of their guests. I am a fairly obsessive person and exchanged numerous emails with Keshav Wagle in the months while I was planning. He always replied with a patient and detailed response, addressing my many questions and concerns. I was able to contact another individual who had also gone on the Everest Base Camp trek with Nepal Vision and she raved about the staff and service. Thus I felt confident in my choice to book with Nepal Vision and I was not disappointed.


everest base camp trek review

From the time I was greeted at the airport by my guide throughout the trek and to my departure everything went great. They are well organized and provide a very individualized level of service. Upon my arrival they helped me obtain a local cell phone, which proved valuable all the way up into the mountains. The accommodations in Kathmandu were first rate, staying in an old palace, now a modern hotel. We were on the first flights of the day to and from Lukla, very important as clouds build during the day and the flights can get cancelled. We started out the last week in February, unbeknownst to me about a week before the spring trekking season usually begins. This meant uncrowded trails and lodges, and a group of just two of us. The lodging along the way was very comfortable, clean, and pleasant. I was frankly expecting much more rustic settings but was pleasantly surprised, including even in-room bathrooms at times. The food was also quite tasty, with a wide variety of local as well as westernized dishes. I had no health problems at all the entire trek. One extra nice touch that apparently is exclusive to Nepal Vision is providing apples, which we ate at dinner nightly. Given that even the vegetables are very limited at high altitude, this was a real treat that added diversity to our diet. No other trekking group had fresh fruit.


everest base camp trek review

I must also give much credit and many thanks to my guide Binot Pokheral, who was top notch. Not only does he speak English fluently, he is extremely knowledgeable about the geography, flora, fauna, and cultures of the Khumbu Valley and Nepal overall. He answered my many, many questions about all I was seeing. He is also a very pleasant and funny person and this really made the trip particularly comfortable and rewarding for me. You are essentially spending all your waking hours for two weeks with your guide and fellow travelers, so having someone whose presence I genuinely enjoyed added an extra, personal dimension to the trip for me. Being an older trekker from a low altitude I was slower than the others, but he patiently waiting for me throughout each day as I plodded along. He frequently inquired about how I was feeling and my health status. Fortunately I had no problems with altitude sickness, but nonetheless he kept an eye on me every day, which was reassuring and I greatly appreciated.  He and the porters Prem and Pasaand made sure we were well taken care of along the way and at the tea houses each morning and evening, coordinating food service, water, rooms, and even a hot shower at one point!

It goes without saying the physical beauty of the Nepal Himalayas is breathtaking, almost unbelievably so at times. Many days I felt as if I was walking through a dream, each better and more beautiful than the one before. The views around and above Dengboche in particular stay with me. The opportunity to attend the Buddhist service at the monastery in Tengboche was another high point of the trip. Seeing Mt. Everest at dawn was truly impressive, my only regret is not being able to stay up there longer. By the time we were returning to the lower elevations at the end of the trek the rhododendrons were in bloom, not just bushes like we have at home, but entire trees of fuchsia and scarlet blossoms. I had extra days to visit the temples and palaces around the Kathmandu valley, and Nepal Vision was able to arrange one guide for me through that cultural wonderland as well, adding an extra dimension to the trip besides the natural beauty of the mountains.

If you are thinking about going to Nepal I would strongly encourage you to book with Nepal Vision. I hope to return to trek in the Annapurna area and they will be my choice again.

Kyle Babick
Dallas, TX USA
Everest Base Camp Trek

I would recommend Nepal Vision for those looking at an experience in the Himalayas.

What started as a New Years idea 18 months earlier brought four friends from different corners of the globe to converge on Nepal for an reunion adventure. When trying to sort the details of the trip and wade through the multitudes of local & international companies offering trekking trips in Nepal, Nepal Vision made the initial shortlist. Keshav brought them to the front of the queue. He was very helpful throughout, with prompt responses and answers to question after question. The confidence in the Nepal Vision team we had before the trip was held throughout. We were well led by guide Pema, with Lakpa & Dandy very worthy lieutenants along with the rest of the team. Reaching the summit was a surreal experience, revealing a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. We were impressed with the attitude and helpfulness throughout the 17 days, the good and the bad, the slow and the fast and a fantastic team dinner party in Lukla to finish it off. I would recommend Nepal Vision for those looking at an experience in the Himalayas.

Mera Peak Climbing

I also was able to visit the Chitwan National Park with Nepal Vision.

John Goulter, NZ
Meak Peak Summit – May 2012

Nepal Vision - Brilliant!

We have recently returned from a trek with Nepal Vision. It was an absolutely fantastic experience! If we go to Nepal again we will definitely book with Nepal Vision, and we have no hesitation in recommending them. There are real advantages to using a local company in Kathmandu, rather than going with an international company.

The booking process was very easy, with Chet Bhatta quickly answering all our questions, sometimes within minutes! Nepal Vision were very flexible both before and during the trek, adjusting the itinerary to suit us.

trekking in everest

Mrs. Susan McAsey, Mr. Desmond McAsey, Mr. Andrew Henderson & Mrs. Mave Hedley with our team at EBC (5364m)

On our arrival in Kathmandu we stayed in the Malla Hotel, and after the trek at the Shanker Hotel. Both hotels were lovely and were a touch of luxury at each end of the trek.

Our guide Deepak and porters Anoj and Chrishna were brilliant. They looked after us beautifully, both in the lodges and on the trails. They also carried a box of apples so that each night we were able to have fruit after our dinner.

Deepak was a very experienced guide, and was extremely patient and encouraging. We were aware that he was carefully monitoring our health and fitness during the trek.

We found the T houses to be much more comfortable than we were expecting, and were pleasantly surprised at each one. In Namche we even had a private bathroom with shower, a real treat.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trek, loved being in Nepal and would recommend Nepal Vision to everyone!

Mrs. Sue McAsey & Mr. Desmond McAsey,
Mobile 0033 778 146888
EBC Trek at Oct/Nov, 2012

A great experience, I would recommend using Nepal Vision

Selection and Planning
I have climbed in the Alps / Rockies / Alaska / New Zealand / Ecuador but always had a desire to go to the Himalayas.

After nearly 50 years I finally had the opportunity to visit the Himalayas as part of a World Tour. My initial research on the web showed that many of the expeditions that included climbing (snow and ice) rather than just trekking needed 25+days which was a lot more days than I had available.

When I found the Island Peak 16 days with Nepal Vision and Trek and Expeditions I saw it met my criterion both from climbing and a duration basis. Since I would be on my own the added attraction was that Fixed Dates were available.

I have always used local companies for these climbs since they were always part of a more extended trips. On this occasion I would be arriving from UAE and continuing to Vietnam so I had no concerns contacting Nepal Vision and Trek and Expeditions.

trekking in everest

Island Peak Climbing at the elevation of 6189m/20,300ft

I contacted Chet Bhatta at Nepal Vision and got an immediate and very informative response. Based on my age and experience Chet Bhatta recommended that I went as a private trip to give me maximum flexibility.

I confirmed my trip and paid a deposit. A number of payment options were available. I was provided with a very comprehensive itinerary and equipment list and my detailed questions were quickly responded to.

trekking in everest

Andrew Pettigrew at Island Summit

The Trip
My guide (Sanjay) was waiting at Kathmandu airport and we got checked into my hotel for the evening. The following day we flew to Lukla where we meet our porter (Aneal). So we set off. Fortunately there were other parties on route to Everest Base Camp and this provided the company aspect I was looking for.

We meet them at different rest points / meal and overnight stops so was able to share the experiences of the day.

The accommodation was good at each stage and the meal selection excellent allowing a taste of local food. Communicating with both my guide and porter was easy and they were always considerate of my pace at every stage. We had fun.

Day 4 found us at Namche with our first view of Everest and big mountains. Day 7 we were in Dingboche for the second of our acclimatization days. At end of day 8 met my climbing guide Pamea at Chukking.

Day 9 saw us head out for Island Peak Base camp. After lunch we reviewed my skills for the climb in particular making sure I was familiar with the use of an ascender. Day 10 1 am set off under a full moon and climbed past Island Peak High came and onto the glacier at 5:30am. We crossed over the glacier and by 7:30 Pamea put in place the fixed rope for the wall.

I was soon on the summit with tired legs but able to enjoy a 360 degree panorama view with sunshine and blue skies and a backdrop of Lhotse the fourth highest mountain in the world.

Pamba had a lot of patience when I was tiring and ensured my safety at each stage. After photographs we set off back down the same route we used for the ascent with an amazing abseil down the wall.

We were back at Base camp by 12:30 where Pamba made lunch.Since I was still feeling good we decided to head to Chukking where we arrived at 4:30pm Tired but well pleased with my achievement.

The following morning we headed out on the return trip via Tynebouche and Namche Bazzar.

trekking in everest
Glacier walking at Island Peak Climbing

There had been issues with the weather for 4 days which prevented any flights from Lukla. Rather than wait for the weather to improve Chet was able to get me on a helicopter back to Kathmandu where my wife was now waiting to continue the next part of our World Tour.

A great experience and I would fully recommend using Nepal Vision and Treks and Expeditions they are all a wonderful bunch of people.

Mr. Andrew Pettigrew
United States, 3103 Skybrook Lane Durham NC 27703 USA
Island Peak Climbing at Sep/Oct 2012

Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition (NVTE) is a smart choice if you are planning a trek in Nepal and the Himalayas.

Our trip to Everest Base Camp began the year before when we began researching guide companies.  NVTE impressed us both from the on-line reviews and the immediate response to our e-mailed inquiry. Several different Base Camp packages were offered on their website but none seemed to fit exactly our group’s vision for the trip.  Over a period of several weeks, numerous emails went back and forth and NVTE created a customized trip that fit us in terms of trek length, accommodations, and trip budget.

trekking in everest

Steven & Linda Healy and Cliff and Mary VanCott with our team at EBC (5364m)

Chet Bhatta was our contact at NVTE and throughout the year he fielded all of our questions and concerns with prompt, thorough responses that allowed us to plan and prepare for our adventure with confidence. He even helped us plan a layover tour with another guide company in India and a pre-trek safari in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park.  It was a trip highlight to meet this NVTE “friend” face to face in Kathmandu.  He arranged a private city tour for us, took us to dinner, and, when one of our group became ill at the trip’s end, escorted us to where appropriate medical attention could be found and stayed with us until the situation improved.

Our guide on the mountain was Bale and our porters were Parkhidhan and Ram.  Together, we formed a “family” of 7 for the 16 days we spent on the trail.  Their expertise, flexibility, warmth, and caring allowed us to achieve the goals we had set and to feel safe while doing so.  It is not possible to fully describe how attentive and informative they were.  We remain grateful.

NVTE is a Nepal-based company committed to serving adventurers of all ages.  It is without any reservations that we highly recommend it to anyone who dreams of Himalayan challenges and rewards.   

Mary Grooms VanCott
Director, Student Health & Wellness Services
Humboldt State University
Arcata, California  95521
(707) 826-5019 / (707) 826-5026 fax

Mrs. Linda Healy - USA
EBC Trek at Oct/Nov 2012

Thanks for a Great Trip

We are just back from our 15 days trip with Nepal Vision. Just some weeks before departure we had to change our trip plans due to a small leg injury at home. Nepal Vision arranged a trek tailor-made for our needs. The Himalaya scenery was stunning and breathtaking. 

Great accommodation, professional, knowledgeable guide and an impressive porter. From start to finish, a top class operation. Dil and Mike were always there to ensure the trip was perfect, and make sure we were looked after.

trekking in everest

We would definitely use Nepal Vision for our next trip to Nepal/Tibet/Bhutan. Chet’s care and attention to detail is very impressive. Nepal Vision's focus on safety as well as comfort is reassuring.

Thanks for a great trip Chet (1 class organizer), Dil (the patient guide with all the answers) and Mike (the porter made of steel).

Mr. Knutjacob Langeland & Mrs. Walmybenedicte Kleivdal

Everest Trekking at Nov, 2012

Everest Base Camp trek, made superb with Nepal Vision!!

My wife and I had been planning this trek for a while and did a good bit of research before we went. Initially we had settled on another trekking company before deciding to change to Nepal Vision, and thank goodness we did.

We had quite a few questions to ask so I e-mailed Nepal Vision on numerous occasions, and Chet Bhatta was always very quick to reply back with all the answers we wanted, with loads of other useful info for our trek.

On arrival at Kathmandu we were met at the airport by our trek guide Dil who presented us with beautiful floral garlands which was a very nice welcome. He took us to our hotel The Shanker which was a beautiful old palace and was a great place to stay. After being shown to our room and dropping our bags off we were taken to Nepal Visions office to meet Chet and discuss the trek. After we returned to our hotel to shower and change we met the other 4 members of our trek group and we all got on greatly. We were then taken to a traditional Nepalese restaurant for a lovely meal and were entertained by traditional music and dance which got us into the local culture.

On the day we were due to travel to Lukla no flights were operating so we had to return to the hotel and try again the next day, unfortunately this was no better with still no flights running, and after discussing the options we were offered the option of paying a reasonable additional sum towards a helicopter which enabled us to start our trek to base camp. On speaking to others along the trek who had also started their trek by helicopter they had paid more than twice what we did for the same trip!! Not only this but we also seemed to have far better accommodation on route than what other did, taking all this into account we were so glad that we decided to trek with Nepal Vision, when waiting at Kathmandu airport for the helicopter we saw numerous other trekkers leaving the airport as they never ever got an offer of a helicopter, one of these being our initial choice!!

Chet, Dil our guide, Dorje our assistant guide and the 3 porters could not have done enough for us. They always ensured we ate and drank well, including the 3 litres of water we had to drink each day to help acclimatization, and all this made us all achieve our goals without the slightest sign of AMS and we have to thank Nepal Vision for this.
So if you fancy doing this trek look no further, if you go with any other trek company I am sure you would only be disappointed!!
Please feel free to contact me regarding the trek if you have any questions.

Mr. Gary Morrison & Mrs. Jane Morrison | United Kingdom |
10 Westburn Avenue Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland U.K. AB51 5QQ
EBC Trek at Sep 29th to Oct 12, 2012

THANK YOU NEPAL VISION..... For my Journey of a lifetime!!

Hello Dear Chet

“Journeying with NEPAL VISION TREKS AND EXPEDITIONS (Sep - Oct 2012) was an incredible and fabulous opportunity to experience Nepalese culture and its spectacular scenery.

trekking in everest

Mrs. Joan Sibrava

Especially commendable are your Guide, Bale and Sherpa, Ram, for their enthusiasm, professionalism and consistent attention to our every need and comfort during the trek!  Thanks to their efforts, we were presented a totally unique, wonderfully memorable, and awesome journey of a lifetime during our 25 day TOUR with NEPAL VISION, from awesome mountain vistas to local cultural awareness and yummy cusine...

THANK YOU NEPAL VISION..... For my Journey of a lifetime!!  "


trekking in everest

Joan Sibrava with Judy with our Team Member Guide Bal and Ram

Chet    a special thanks to you....please feel free to use my comments in TRIP Advisor or whatever!!   Namaste and cheers and best regards!  

Mrs. Joan Sibrava & Judy Keller
534 genni pl boulder city NV 89005 |

Everest Base Camp Trek via Jiri at Sep/Oct, 2012

Unforgettable trip of a lifetime with Nepal Vision Treks

From the first time I communicated with Chet Bhatta, and when I got picked up at the airport by my guide Santosh, I knew I would be in good hands. They were professional, organized and thorough in answering all my enquiries. I was also pleased with the flexible and customizable nature of the trek and other activities.

trekking in everest

Santosh and Rajan (porter) were very helpful, friendly and patient. They always enquired after my health and wellbeing and ensured I enjoyed myself, walked at a comfortable pace and had enough to eat and drink. They were more than just my guide and porter, they became good friends too. Their humour, energy and enthusiasm kept me in high spirits and the games and laughs we shared along the way will always be fondly remembered.

After the Everest Base Camp trek, I also enjoyed a few days in Chitwan which was a relaxing wind down - elephant safari, canoe rides, culture program etc at a luxurious resort with great food. It was a perfect way to end my first trip to Nepal.

trekking in everest
Nina at Elephant at Chitwan Safari at Sauraha Village

trekking in everest
Our Group Dinner at one of the finest restaurant in Thamel with Nepal Vision & Groups

I came home with wonderful memories and I’m already planning my next trip to Nepal, there are so many more treks I want to do. And there is no doubt I will go with Nepal Vision again, I highly recommend them!

Miss Nina Zhou|Sydney, Australia
Visited September 2012

At Nepal Visions – you are treated like family!

The moment our guides met us at the airport, we knew we made the right choice in choosing Nepal Visions. Everything that happened after that reinforced that Nepal Visions was the best choice, from our first meeting with Chet to the departure dinner at the end.

trekking in everest

Al Lepore at right on picture at Kalapathar (5545m)

As you can see by this photo above, we became a family. Our guides Kashar and Giri helped us realize a lifelong dream of trekking in the shadow of Mt. Everest. Their expertise in trekking kept us all very healthy so we could enjoy every step. At Nepal Visions – you are treated like family!

Albert Lepore
EBC Trek - 20 Days: April - May, 2012
7868 S. Hill Drive Littleton, USA
Email -

Nepal Vision Treks was an absolutely fantastic outfitter.

Nepal Vision Treks was an absolutely fantastic outfitter. They showed true professionalism, knowledge and caring for their clients. Throughout the entire process they were instrumental in making sure we had the best time imaginable.

everest base camp

Walt on right at photo at EBC (5364m)

Way beyond our expectations and always doing the special things to make our trip up to Everest Base Camp a true life changing experience. Many, many thanks to Chet Bhatta, Keshir and Geri for the great time!

Mr. Walter Everetts
EBC Trek - 20 Days: April - May, 2012
United States
14526 E Gecko Ct. Fountain Hills, AZ.

Gokyo Lake to Everest Base Camp Trek was perfectly planned by Nepal Vision Trek!!!

We booked our travel over the internet with Keshav, but never felt uncomfortable as he ensured that everything was arranged as we requested. He's available to talk over Skype and answers emails almost immediately. He instantly gained our trust even though we didn't physically meet until we arrived in Kathmandu.

The trek was perfectly planned with just the right number of rest/acclimatization days. Our guide Iswor was attentive and did everything he could to make our trek successful. He carried fresh fruit for us so that we always had a banana, orange, or apple after every meal. I know there were other trekkers eyeing our fruit as fresh fruit is a luxury on the mountain. Little thoughtful actions like these are what make NVT stand out from other companies.

trekking in everest

Our porter Arjun was extremely hard working. After dropping off our large bags at the designated tea houses, he would walk back to meet us and offer to carry our day packs the rest of the way. Even sometimes we didn't need him to carry our day packs it was nice to have the company. We were also worried that trekking companies may mistreat and abuse their porters, but NVT has age minimums in place, they take care of their employees, and they do not exploit any sherpas.

We trusted NVT to book all our tea houses/lodges and the selection was excellent. We realize that on the mountain it is just nice to have a bed and shelter, but we were extremely happy to arrive at some of the better places in each town.

Our trip was successful as we made it to Everest Base Camp with very minimal issues. Ishwor was quick to adjust our pace and was flexible enough to make any changes on the fly as we requested them.

Upon our return to Kathmandu, Keshav was again meeting with us to get a full summary of our trek and seeking any suggestions for improvement. NVT strives to make your trek memorable and enjoyable. We were extremely happy with our decision to book with NVT.

View the short clip for Gokyo Lake to Everest Base Camp Trek by us.

Mr. Isaac Chung & Mr. Damian Chung
Canada, 70 Fullerton Crescent Markham Ontario L3R3G5 Canada
E-mail: -
April, 2012

Nepal Vision are consummate professionals that offer great prices with warm personal touches to their packages

If you are thinking about trekking in Nepal and don't want to be stuck in a 20+ tour group, I highly suggest this company. If you are a westerner, don't let working with a local company scare you. I understand that most people want the comfort of working with a western outfitter but you are going to pay 3-4 times more and not get equivalent customer service. I was a little nervous at first but after contacting and speaking with Chet Bhatta I decided to go with Nepal Visions out of the 5 other outfitters I was talking to. I went with Nepal Vision because Chet was always the first to respond in full detail to my inquires, the price was very reasonable and I didn't want to be stuck with a large group (my aunt, myself, guide and porter). Nepal Vision are consummate professionals that offer great prices with warm personal touches to their packages. You can do any trek you desire in any groups size you prefer. 

trekking in nepal
Tania at Lukla airport

My aunt and I did the 15 day EBC trek with Nepal Vision with guide Eaklal and porter Rusha in April 2012 and we could not be any happier with our holiday.

trekking in nepal

Tania & her Aunt

We were welcomed as soon as we landed at the airport with leis and transported to Hotel Shanker. My aunt was a bit congested with a cold and Chet personally walked us to the western run medical clinic a block away to make sure my aunt was ok for the trek ahead. During the trek, guide Eaklal walked with my aunt while I went ahead with Rusha.

They were always looking out for our well being and they even provided us with fresh fruit for the entire trek (brought in from Kathmandu). No one else that we saw at the tea houses got fresh fruit but us. The trek was stunning but what I fell in love with were the warm and friendly Nepalese people. I can't wait to go back to do another trek with Nepal Vision.

Tania Nguyen
Valpak of Dallas
2812 Trinity Square Dr
Carrollton, TX 75006
Everest Base Camp trek - April / May 2012

Thank you for making my first visit to Nepal as enjoyable

Thank you for making my first visit to Nepal as enjoyable as it was considering all the underlying events which transpired during my visit.  It originally was suppose to be a 3 week adventure with the ultimate goal of reaching Mt. Everest Base Camp, unfortunately due to medical problems I was unable to complete my goal and I had to cut my trip short. 

One of the most important points of a good tour group is to not only take care of their clients when things are going smoothly, but to oversee the needs of their clients when things go completely wrong.  Chet along with the staff at Nepal Vision made sure I returned to Kathmandu safely and continued to oversee my needs to ensure a very memorable trip.

My hats off to Chet, Home and Pruna for a job well done and due to your warm hospitality, I shall be looking forward to seeing you again.

Yours Truly,

Donald Haratani
Everest Base Camp Trek - April 04th to April 18th, 2012
4523 Darien Street Torrance, California 90503 - 2012 U.S.A.

Wonderful time with Nepal Vision Treks in Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi Keshav, thank you so much for helping us to organize our trek to Gokyo Lake and Everest Base Camp recently. My sister (Tan Li Wen) and I had a wonderful time in the beautiful mountains, rivers, flowers and birds and meeting so many friendly locals and travellers along the way. We were also very impressed by the knowledge and care provided by your guide Kim and help with our bag by your porter, Tek.

trekking in nepal

Now, we have beautiful memories and wonderful photos to share with our family and friends in Singapore.

We'll be happy to provide references for your company should others wish to visit Nepal.

Meantime, thank you very much once again and have a good weekend!


Li Ping Tan
April 2012

We recommend Nepal Vision for their professional services!

My husband and I customized and arranged our 22-day trek with Nepal Vision about a month before we arrived. We compared a few local companies and were impressed from the start by the reviews and by Keshav's quick response to all of our (many) questions. More services were included than with other companies for a similar price, such as sleeping bag and down jacket rental and all meals. The welcome and farewell dinners and Kathmandu accommodation were a nice treat!

We were happy with our guide, Deepak, who was very experienced, flexible, and encouraging, and with our porter, Prem, who always carried our bags with a smile and provided great service at the teahouses. Teahouse quality was decent along the route, but we were especially happy to have a hot shower and free electrical outlet use in our room included during both of our stays in Namche Bazar (these services usually cost extra, and other groups we spoke with didn't have the private bathroom upon their stay in Namche).

trekking in nepal

We trekked from Jiri to Gokyo Lakes, then across Cho La Pass to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar. It was a tough but amazing 22-day trek! We were happy that we chose to include Gokyo and Cho La Pass, as they were the highlights of our trip (though difficult).

We definitely recommend Nepal Vision for their professional, reasonably priced services and fantastic staff! We plan to book any future treks with Nepal Vision.

Stef & Jeff McCann
4th april 2012


Our cousin referred us to Nepal Vision when my sister and I were contemplating a trip to Everest Base Camp. We were immediately impressed by the prompt and helpful responses to our email inquiries by Keshav and the service continued to impress us throughout our unforgettable trip.

trekking in nepal

Our brilliant guide Keshar and our porter Rai were incredibly professional and went out of their way to make sure that we were well looked after and safe. I was impressed by this local company that truly cares about its staff and the wider community. Look no further than Nepal Vision to take you on trip of a life time!

Shyamika Peeligama and Shashika Peeligama
Sydney, Australia
January 2012

Amazing Everest Base Camp trip with Nepal Vision Treks

We went on the Everest Base Camp trek with Nepal Vision in January 2012. We had a fantastic time and would recommend Nepal Vision to anyone who wants to do this. Prior to the trip we were impressed with the information and advice we were given by email. When we arrived at Kathmandu we were met by our guide, who throughout our time in Nepal was extremely helpful and ensured that we enjoyed the trip and looked after all our needs.

trekking in nepal

The trek itself was an amazing experience, and although we both suffered to some extent from the effects of altitude, we made it to the Base Camp. We would like to especially thank to Mr. Keshav and Eaklal our guide for providing such a great experience, and would recommend Nepal Vision to anyone.

Thanks Nepal Vision for this amazing trip!

10th January, 2012
Mr. Stephen Byer & Mrs. Suzanne Byer
United Kingdom
5 Hermitage Road Dundee DD5 2HY
Phone: 01382 739112

Without hesitation, I would recommend Nepal Vision & its professional team

"I cannot say enough good words about Nepal Vision Treks. I have been in a number of countries, and on a number of tours, but none of the companies I have toured with have been as good as Nepal Vision. They went above and beyond to see that my cousin and I were taken care of, had all necessary information and thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

trekking in nepal
Trevor and his cousin Adam at Chhukung RI (Left to right)

Our guide and Sherpa were both excellent, not only informative and hard working, but also very kind, friendly and good people. In Kathmandu, a big big thank you to Chet Bhatta, who immediately made us feel like welcomed friends, and our time spent in Nepal most enjoyable, with many good memories for many years to come.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Nepal Vision to anyone looking to trek in Nepal, or surrounding countries."

Mr. Trevor Maggied & Adam Maggied - Everest Base Camp Trek- Dec 16-28th, 2011
Columbus, USA

The wonderful people at Nepal Vision made it possible.

We used Nepal Vision for a trek around the Khumbu area of the Everest Region. We flew to Lukla before walking to Monjo, Namche Bazarre, Tashinga and Mende. In between Tashinga and Mende, we embarked upon an optional trek, up the mountain, to Tambouche. We could not help but notice that whilst it took us 2.5 hours to climb up to Tambouche, it only took us 1 hour to climb down!

trekking in nepal

Peter team of 4 (Peter on the right)

The staffs at Nepal Vision were great. Our primary liaison was Chet Bhatta, Travel Adviser of the Company. We enjoyed a welcome dinner with him on our first night in Kathmandu and a savoured a farewell meal with him when our trek concluded. In between, Chet took care of all the details of our journey. There was nothing which was too much trouble for him. On one occasion, in particular, Chet went well beyond the call of contractual duty. As he explained, whilst in Nepal, we were his responsibility.

trekking in nepal

Peter during sunrise at mountain

Whilst trekking, we were in the hands of our guide, Keshar, and our assistant guide, Laksman. There were four of us in our group. Our eldest trekker was in her 50's and two of us were in our 40's. None of us had any trekking experience, of any kind, so we found the steep inclines and thin air were quite a challenge. However, Keshar was very understanding and allowed us to walk at our own pace and to take breaks when we needed them, for as long as we wanted. I admired his patience and welcomed his friendly, good-natured, smile.

When one of our groups strained a muscle in her groin area, Laksman took her by the wrist and physically helped her up and down the steep hills. He did so for hours on end. It is difficult to fully express the level of our gratitude to Laksman for his dutiful service. 

After our return from the mountains, we enjoyed a side-trip to Pokhara, which Nepal Vision also arranged for us. We were fortunate to have Keshar’s services as a guide in Pokhara as well. 

We are planning a 5 day tour to Bhutan in late December 2012. Nepal Vision were so helpful in our tour of Nepal that we are seeking their assistance for our journey to Bhutan as well.

At the end of our holiday in Nepal, we found it difficult to say goodbye. The experience was life-changing. We are unlikely to ever forget the days we spent trekking the Himalayan wilderness. The wonderful people at Nepal Vision made it possible.

Peter Hunt- Everest Luxury Lodge Trek- Dec 18-25th, 2011.
M 0414 425 879

No hesitation in recommending Nepal Vision Treks to ANYONE travelling to Nepal!

I went on the Everest Base Camp Trek on 1 December 2011 with Nepal Vision Treks. I cannot rate Nepal Vision highly enough, everyone I have spoken to who says they may be interested to go to Nepal I immediately recommend Nepal Vision. Their value for money was outstanding; I had many friends who did the same trip with the same provisions and facilities and paid more than double what I did at Nepal Vision. In Kathmandu we stayed, from the amazing 4-star Hotel Shanker in Kathmandu to all the tea houses on the trek we clean and the food was good (well, as good as you can expect in the mountains!) Right from when I was picked up at the airport to when I was dropped off, I could always ask Nepal Vision for help, whether it be for other trips or the smallest things as to what time the shops close, or how do I get to Bhaktapur, and they would always be more than happy to help.

trekking in nepal

Even the small things, such as the free duffel bag that they provided, the free transport to and from the airport (even though it was a lot later than my tour ended!) along with the delicious welcome and farewell dinners but most of all the friendly staff who always made me feel comfortable in Nepal. My guide, Keshar, was amazing. Along the trek he would cater for all of my needs. We could always walk at a steady pace, every morning he would be sure to check how we were feeling, he always knew the right track to take and little bits of advice such as to stay away from meat in the high mountains and to walk very slow on the climb kept me healthy and safe along the way.

All-in-all, Nepal Vision provided me with a 5-star experience. Many western tour companies that charge sometimes 3 or 4-times the price need to learn from this outstanding tour company. Nothing was a hassle, they kept me safe and healthy and my trip to Nepal and trek to Base Camp were faultless and flawless. Thank you so much Keshav and everyone from Nepal Vision! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to ANYONE travelling to Nepal!

Kind Regards,

Brenton Anthony
Phone: +61451667534
Date: 1 December 2011

Nepal Vision Treks, a trek company beyond expectation!

We just came back from our Mt Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek and are still in an "whooowww" state, because of all our impressive memories. Before we started this journey, we had a certain idea what it would be like, but our trek with Nepal Vision Treks was way beyond our expectations!

trekking in nepal

Mr Nicolaas Koekoek & Mrs. Anette Koekoek at Kalapathar-5545m

From the moment of our first contact with Nepal Vision, we felt well taken care off. Everything was addressed, with quick responses and/or actions, in a very kind and professional way. Nepal Vision Treks is a company where many nice friends work together with lots of experience, just trying to do the right thing, and they certainly do!

Our trek was very well organized, without any hassle, from start to finish. All we had to do is walk and the rest was all taken care off.

For a while we thought to do this trek, by ourselves, with our usual bible; "the lonely planet", but now we know that is not the way to go for a trek in Nepal. We are certainly convinced that Nepal Vision Treks was and is the right choice for us. Their staff really know the mountains, the people, the local customs and the area, better than anyone. Nepal Vision Treks are doing this already for a long time, know the game well and are therefore one step ahead, which was noticeable.

We certainly enjoyed the company of our warm hearted, friendly and English speaking guides, "Keshar" and assistant "Purma" and our porters. They are very kind, knowable, patient, flexible and just very good people, a big asset to the company!

In every respect we are very happy that we found Nepal Vision, not only for this trek, but also for our future Nepal treks. We do not write a letter of reference that often, but this time we just had to do this, they highly deserve it! We can only HIGHLY recommend Nepal vision, and if anybody wants to contact us for more info or just a chat, you are more then welcome to do so!

Nepal Vision Treks, Thank you for this beautiful adventure and making this holiday unforgettable!

Keep smiling,

Anette Koekoek (Cell +65-97777596)

Nicolaas Koekoek (Cell +65-91777160)

52 Bayshore road
Ruby Tower
469978 Singapore
Date: 17th October to 1st November 2011

Nepal Vision does just that! A company with a soul! =)

Personally, my decision to choose Nepal Vision was because I wanted to support a company that was providing some community assistance: Nepal Vision does just that! A company with a soul! =)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nepal Vision for making my first visit to Nepal absolutely incredible. The start of the journey was not the most desirable, as our original plan to head to Everest Base Camp, had to be cancelled due to bad weather. 

However, despite this disappointment, our guide was so calm under pressure. He along with Chet Bhatta (the travel advisor for Nepal Vision) were able to quickly change our plans within a few hours and we headed to Annapurna Base Camp instead.

trekking in nepal

We were blessed with great weather and spectacular scenery. Our guide was everything you can hope in a guide: patient, supportive and highly knowledgeable about his country. He has true passion for his work, and love for his country. 

I can’t wait to come again to Nepal, and go to Everest Base Camp with Nepal Vision! 

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and making the trip extremely enjoyable and comfortable! 

Yours sincerely, 
Sharini Samarakoon
Sharini Samarakoon Marketing and Communications
50 Valley Road, Epping NSW 2121

My incredible Annapurna trekking with Nepal Vision Treks!

Thank you Nepal Vision!!  My incredible Annapurna trekking with your company was an awesome experience because of your professional guidance. Our guide Deepak and Sherpa Bishnu did professional job during the 17 days 175 mi Annapurna Trekking, Deepak's consistent encouragements support was a great strength to my endurance and also your company's reasonable  price helped tremendously on my budget, can't wait to return and use your company again. Keshav I've recommended Nepal Vision trekking company to many of my trekking friends some are seriously thinking about Base camp in October 2012. Much thanks to Nepal Vision.
trekking in nepal

Happy New Year 2012!!
Peggy Park
Orange County Ca, USA
Date: September 11 2011

Everest Base Camp Trek was a fantastic experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend to others

Thank you for organising and setting up so well our trek to Everest Base Camp earlier this month. It was a fantastic experience, and one that I would thoroughly recommend to others - though being fit and healthy is a necessary prerequisite as it can be physically demanding at times. The organisation, thoughtfulness and consideration given by Nepal Vision was excellent. You were very helpful in making yourself available and answering questions both before we had travelled, and during the pre-trek briefings. I felt well briefed and prepared for the trek.

trekking in nepal

Group walking to Lobuche

There were 7 on our trek, and we lead superbly by Hom, who was always alert and looking after the interests of each of the trekkers; nothing was too much trouble for him and his team. We were each allowed to go at our own pace, which worked really well. Some people preferred to go fast and some slow, others liked to stop many times to take lots of photographs; everyone was accommodated. When we were on the way to Everest Base Camp from Gorak Shep, one of our party was not sure whether he had left his camcorder at a previous rest stop, or in the lodge at Gorak Shep. Despite protestations that it was unnecessary, Hom sent one of his guides back (with the room key for the lodge) to look for the camcorder, and he ran to the lodge and back and came back with the camcorder before we had got to Everest Base Camp.

trekking in nepal

David at Tea House Dining (2nd from the left with Black Top) along with his trekking team of Davies & Frank

At each of the tea houses we could select what we wanted from the menu, and there was more choice than I had expected. The temperature ranged significantly. It was in the mid-20’s (degrees Celsius) when we left Kathmandu, and for the first 3 days we were walking in T-shirts during the days. However it got colder as we went higher, and particularly at night. It was -14oC at the top of Kala Patar. However the down jackets and the sleeping bags that Nepal Vision lent us were of good quality and coped well with the cold. Please feel free to use this endorsement on your web site, and include my mobile number.

David Newman aged 59- Everest Base Camp Trek Oct, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
Mob No +61 403 460 258

The great experience of the Everest Base Camp with Nepal Vision Treks

First class Nepal Vision Trekking Company provided a first rate, great experience when we trekked to Everest Base Camp in October 2011. Chet Bhatta helped us locate and get lost luggage taking us to the airport more than once.

trekking in nepal

Dieter Wahl on hiking in Evereste

The guides were helpful and supportive each and every day, the trek was well organized and meals were not only provided but at your choice from the menu at each guest house - food was much better than expected.

trekking in nepal

Xiaobai Wang (wife of Dieter Wahl) - one of the participant on the group of 7 peoples on EBC Trek

We were a group of seven from different countries and all thought Nepal Vision was great. Would do it again with them. Please feel free to use this endorsement on your web site, and include my mobile number.

Mr. Dieter Wahl (67 years) and Mrs. Xiaobai Wang (56)
Address: 21 Pershing Aveenue Beverly MA 01915 USA
Phone- 978-969-2030

My wonderful Trek to EBC with Nepal Vision Treks !!

After deciding to have a holiday for myself as the kids are looking after themselves I got in touch with Nepal Vision & booked a trekking holiday to Nepal. On arrival in Kathmandu I was met by the guide Isor & driver from this point the quality & service provided by all the staff of Nepal vision was first class & everything was organized on time with superior service This is a company situated in Kathmandu so they are there to help with any problems & you do not have to try & get in touch with a tour company in your country to sort out any problems which I witnessed many times during my stay here.

I enjoyed many trips & adventures with the people from Nepal vision & would recommend this company to individuals or groups wishing to have a fantastic time in Nepal with first class services.
A very big thank you goes to Keshav and all the staff

Bryan Glasper
Brisban Australia
October, 2011
61 418 738 223

My hat goes off to Nepal Vision and to Chet Bhatta in particular for compiling a whole series of adventure that made a trip of a lifetime for me.

I just completed a month of exploring Nepal with Nepal Vision treks. From the moment I booked the trip with Nepal vision, the representative with whom I booked, C het Bhatta, I was looked better than any trip I have ever booked. Chet would answer my questions in a prompt matter no matter what time of day I sent the e mail from Canada.

Chet booked me on an Everest base camp trek. He arranged a private guide and a private porter for me. They met me in my hotel in Kathmandu, and from that moment on, I was looked after exceptionally well. The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and the porter was most helpful. I was given private accommodation in all the teahouses, and with a lot of effort on my part was able to reach Everest base camp with the help of the guide and porter. Chet would even phone me on the trail via the guide, to check on my progress and to see if all my needs were being met. It was the trip of a lifetime and the staff of Nepal Vision deserves all the credit.

Chet also arranged appropriate accommodation in Kathmandu at the Blue Horizon hotel, where rooms were affordable and nice, and the hotel restaurant cooked excellent meals.

After my base camp trek, Chet arranged a white water rafting trip on the class 4 and 5 Khote-Bosi River about 3 hours out of Kathmandu. He saw that I got transportation right from my hotel. The accommodation on the river was at a resort with more facilities than I would have imagined possible, i.e. a bar, pool table, clean washrooms, and 2 beds in each tent on the beach. The river was wild, just as I like. Another amazing adventure.

To top off my whole experience, Chet arranged a 3 day trip to the Chitwan jungle for me. Again transportation, accommodation and all other arrangements were done by Chet, and all I had to do was show up.

My hat goes off to Nepal Vision and to Chet Bhatta in particular for compiling a whole series of adventure that made a trip of a lifetime for me. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. In all my years of travel I have never been so well looked after.

I would highly recommend Nepal Vision to anyone looking to explore the many adventures available in Nepal.

Doug Ibbitson, Oct- 12th to Nov 03rd- Gokyo Lake to EBC Trek
Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

Everest Base Camp 11 days with Nepal Vision Treks was Awesome !

I went on an 11 day Everest Base Camp tour with Nepal Vision Treks in October 2011 with three friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trek was very well organized and we felt confident in Nepal Vision at all times, we were able to just relax and enjoy the walk without worrying about admin stuff. All meals and accommodation were included in the package and this all proved to be as good as could be expected (given the remoteness of the trek), even the biggest appetites were satisfied with the staple dish - Dal Bhat. The guide, Ram, was a lot of fun and knowledgeable about the surrounding features. He arranged two porters who were friendly and trustworthy. The trek itself was amazing, the scenery is spectacular and the views of Mount Everest itself always inspiring, and the Lukla flight draws a few beads of sweat. The Nepal Vision accommodation and transport in Kathmandu was great and was a treat to return to after the trek.

I highly recommend Nepal Vision Treks; they are a professional and friendly team who will work hard to give you a great experience.

Anthony Reynolds

A truly fantastic experience with the Nepal Vision team

From the first contact with Nepal Vision it was obvious that they were a step above the other companies we had contacted. Chet Bhatta was exceptionally helpful in organizing each aspect of our Everest Base Camp trek (including many requests and many questions about the various elements of the trip).

trekking in nepal

Paul O, Connor & Ruth at Everest Base Camp (5364m)

This comfort feeling of having chosen a professional organization continued as soon as we landed in Kathmandu – minus our bags! Chet went above and beyond our expectations to ensure our bags were returned prior to beginning the hike but also had plans in place to get us kitted out in the event our bags got delayed. We met our guide, Deepak, the day before our trek commenced and were again very satisfied that we were going to be in good hands for the duration of the trek. At all stages of our time with the Nepal Vision team we were looked after to the highest possible level. We were constantly given excellent answers and advice to whatever question we posed. The people we met along the way were friendly and added to the overall enjoyment of our holiday. We are extremely grateful to the Nepal Vision team for all their hard work and efforts in making this remarkable trip a holiday of a lifetime for us both. It certainly won’t be the last time we use them and we can highly recommend them to cater for your every need! Thanks Again to all the team – see you soon!

Paul & Ruth

EBC Trek Sept/Oct 2011

The trip was fantastic from start to finish.

The trip was fantastic from start to finish. Upon our arrival to Kathmandu, we were driven to the office to go over the itinerary and details of our trek. The staff made sure we felt comfortable with everything and were prepared for our upcoming adventure.

trekking in nepal

Jade and Mr. Ted Morton at Kalapathar at 5550m with Pumari at background

Every aspect of our journey (lodging, air and car travel, and food) was taken care of so we could just concentrate on having a good time. We even got a call while we were on the trail to make sure everything was okay! Our guide and porter were great too. The pace of the travel was comfortable and they made sure that we were as happy and healthy as possible. Not only was this our first trip to Nepal, it was also our honeymoon and we would be happy to recommend Nepal Vision Trek to anyone wishing to make the trip to Everest Base Camp.

Mrs. Jade and Mr. Ted Morton, Sep 2011 – Everest Base Camp Trek
Colorado Springs, CO (USA)

My wonderful Trek to Annapurna with Nepal Vision Treks.

I would like to thank Nepal Vision, Keshav Wagle and our wonderful guide, Dipak for our outstanding time we had on the 21day Annapurna Traverse Trek.

My friend and I are two senior women (average age 70 yrs).  We trained for months to do this trek.  We went mid-September.  We had some rain and mud but uncrowded conditions. 

The scenery was superb.  We went through villages, over suspension bridges and saw stunning peaks and waterfalls.  As we gained altitude our guide know just when to push us on, or when to restrain us.

Annapurna Traverse Trek

When we finished, after 17 days on the trail, we all agreed that it was too soon and we didn't want it to end.

Nepal Vision always made us feel secure and taken care of Manager Keshev Wagle went out of his way to accommodate us when we needed to change our flight home.  Thank you, Nepal Vision Treks for the experience of a lifetime.

Marilyn Tomsha
Lake Forest, California, USA
Date: September 2011

Thanks guys for making my dream holiday a reality. FANTASTIC!!!!

Nepal Vision Treks was fantastic from the start right to the finish. I was travelling as a single female and was a little apprehensive. On my arrival, I was welcomed by my guide and taken to the Company office to take tea. Chet was very informative and explained everything that I would be doing.

My hotel was fantastic, all the places along the trek were wonderful and I had great assistance from my guide and porter who made sure I was ok the whole time. I never felt alone and hand such a wonderful time. I would certainly recommend Neal Vision Treks to anyone and especially if you are travelling so. You do not need to have any doubts with these guys as they look after you 110%

I will definitely be doing this again in the future and would just like to say a big thank you to Chet and the guys for making my trekking holiday a pleasurable and fun holiday.

My guide had extensive knowledge of all the areas of Nepal in relation to Religion, culture and general mountain knowledge so I always felt safe and reassured.

Thanks guys for making my dream holiday a reality. FANTASTIC!!!!

Victoria- Sep 17th-28th, 2011- Everest View trek
Eight Mile Plains, Qld Australia

Impressed with the attention, quick response, and service!!!- Thanks Nepal Vision Treks!

Hi Chet,
I wish to make just a few comments regarding my trek to base camp Everest with your company Nepal Visions.

From my first email contact with your company to arrange for the trek, until the conclusion of the trek I have been impressed with the attention, quick response, and service from your company.  I cannot imagine anyone doing more to help make my Himalayan trek a memorable experience.

Julie Taylor

(Vern’s trekking team, from left (Maria from Aus, Prem Sherpa, Mr. Vern at center, Masrita from Aus, and Doug from USA at Syangbuche, 3700m)

I credit your guide, Keshar, for the success of my trip.  He is a great asset to your company.

I will gladly recommend your company to others, and should someone wish to contact me regarding your company, they can reach me at 715 246-2670.

Vern Loehr
WI, lighting, Inc
1200 w 4th str
New Richmond, WI 54017
(715) 246- 2670

What a wonderful experience!!!

We just returned from our 15 day trek to Everest Base Camp. What a wonderful experience.  It was very demanding both physically and mentally however completing the trek has made the effort most worthwhile.  

From the first email correspondence that we received through our departure, Nepal Vision Treks was more than we could have hoped for.  Keshar, our guide, was professional, knowledgeable and most friendly. He was always available to answer all our questions and to provide the leadership so important on a trek like this.

Julie Taylor

Doug (Right) with Vern (Left), his trekking mate on the way to EBC

Chet your personal involvement with our Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner is just and indication of how committed Nepal Vision Treks has been throughout our trip planning and the actual trek.  Anyone thinking of an Everest Base Camp expedition should seriously consider using Nepal Vision Treks.  I cannot imagine how another company could have made our trip any better.  Thanks to all the staff for making our trip such a success.


Doug Moody
Atlantic Beach, Florida
904 284 120

I was thoroughly impressed with the company

I was thoroughly impressed with the company. The sales and administration staff were very prompt and efficient. The guides were very knowledgeable, helpful and attentive.

Julie Taylor

They made the trip a very memorable one and I would highly recommend anyone to choose Nepal Trek Vision for their tours."
Miss. Masrita Ramli
Sydney, Australia/Singapore

Flexible and very well organised Mera Peak Climbing

After looking through about a dozen trekking agencies I chose Nepal Vision, as they were the fastest and most professional in getting back to me with a personal service. They lived up to their name and organized a custom Mera peak expedition that highlighted Nepali Himalayan culture and was flexible and very well organised. The walk-in through the Hinku valley and over the Zatwra-La is impressive enough in itself. On summit day we started early at altitude camp and as we climbed could see thunderstorms flashing way below us in the Khumbu and Hinku valleys. The sun came up behind Everest with a clear blue sky and as we summated Mera central peak for a once in a lifetime view of what is deservedly called the best panorama in the Himalayas with many of the world’s highest mountains very close including Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Baruntse, Makalu and Kantenchunga.

Julie Taylor

Ashley Hall at 21200ft. at Mera Summit

The Sherpa's were very experienced and familiar with Mera and were flexible and helpful with the itinerary whenever it needed changing. They had great advice on choosing a day and time to summit which afforded excellent weather conditions.

Many thanks to Chet Bhatta, Nepal Vision's Treks & Mountaineering Executive and climbing guides KaJi and Pemba Sherpa for leading me on such a great experience. Completely unforgettable and highly recommended.

2011, April, 10th to 30th
Mr. Ashley Hall
Innovation Design Engineering
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore

Our guide was great with his technical expertise

My Partner and I had such an excellent time on our 'Everest panorama' trek with Nepal Vision. Our guide Deepak was great, not only were we fully confident in his technical expertise but he was also able to answer every question about the local area, customs and history, and (as first time trekkers) every question about Trekking, he was very patient indeed! We enjoyed our time in the mountains and had a lot of fun, and we were happy to have such a cool guide with us. 

Julie Taylor

Chet Bhatta- our Sales Executive went beyond expected service, helping us arranges other small trips around Nepal even after we had completed our time with Nepal Vision. With his local knowledge he assisted us greatly in getting orientated in Kathmandu. His commitment to us as his clients was in my experience unmatched. Thanks Chet, Deepak and Nepal Vision, I hope that in the near future I can return to Nepal to do another trek with you guys.


Everest View Trek- Feb, 2011.

Stephen & Liz (Brisbane, Australia)

s.russell[at]live com au

I had a wonderful trip with Nepal Vision Treks.

I had a wonderful trip with Nepalvisiontreks, the best I ever had. Everything was perfectly organized from the pickup from the airport to the Mt. Everest basecamp trek. My guide Deepak was very flexible and professional. He took care of everything so that I could use my whole time to enjoy the hike. I can strongly recommend everyone to book this special trip with Nepalvisiontreks. You can be sure that they do their utmost to make your stay a pleasant one. 

01st to 16th Feb, 2011

Julie Taylor

Ulrike at EBC at 17,460ft

Miss Ulrike Frank,
Cologne, Germany,
E-mail: ulrike.frank[at]yahoo de.

Meine Trekkingreise mit Nepalvisiontreks war eine der besten, die ich je gemacht habe. Alles war perfekt organisiert – von der Abholung am Flughafen bis zur Trekkingreise zum Mt. Everest Base Camp. Mein Bergfuehrer Deepak war extrem  flexibel und professionell. Er hat sich um alles gekuemmert, so dass ich die ganze Zeit geniessen konnte, ohne mir Gedanken machen zu muessen. Ich kann Nepalvisiontreks jedem waermstens weiter empfehlen, der sich fuer diese Reise interessiert. Man kann sich sicher sein, dass Nepalvisiontreks alles machen wird, dass die Reise bestmoeglichst ablaeuft.

Miss Ulrike Frank,
Cologne, Germany,
E-mail: ulrike.frank[at]yahoo de.

"Thank you Nepal Vision for outstanding service and support!"

I am a 59 year Australian professional female with no former trekking experience and completed the Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo and the Chola Pass in late November 2010. I chose to use the services of Nepal Vision following my extensive research of Nepalese trekking companies which included follow-up with former clients in Australia.

The service I received from Chet Bhatta, Sales and Marketing Executive with Nepal Vision from day one of our contact was outstanding. His professional manner and genuine and sincere interest in assisting and supporting me made my planning for this trek an absolute pleasure.

Julie Taylor

Three weeks before departure my female trekking companion was taken ill and had to cancel her trip. Chet's support and assistance during this difficult period was most reassuring and I left Australia on my own feeling very confident that all my expectations would be met. And they were!

My guide Deepak and Sherpa Soroz were simply wonderful! I found parts of the trek very challenging, especially the Chola Pass as it started snowing as we commenced the ascent. I would not have been able to complete this challenge without the constant support, encouragement and infinite patience of my guide Deepak - he was indeed my "Guardian Angel"!  My comfort and safety were always his utmost priority and his level of local knowledge and experience proved incredibly useful.  Deepak, thank you so very much as you went way beyond the requirements of your job role to assist me.

 This was an unforgettable and very spiritual experience for me. I feel that part of my spirit still resides in Nepal and I will certainly be returning to this very special part of the world.  I will always use the services of Nepal Vision for my future trekking needs.   

I highly recommend the services of Chet Bhatta and his professional team at Nepal Vision to anyone considering trekking in Nepal.

2010, Nov

Julie Taylor
Principal HR Officer
Adult Custodial, Department of Corrective Services
Western Australia
PH- 061422 906 431
mjbwauchope [at]

Everest Base Camp and Island Peak Trek November 2010

My trip to Nepal was a unique and unforgettable experience and I have already decided that it was not my last visit to Nepal ;-)

The holiday was a very short-term decision and I didn't have much time to plan it, I searched the Internet for several trekking organizations and felt immediately confident with Nepal Vision Treks. The nice email contacts to Chet, the quick and detailed answers and the well-arranged and structured homepage convinced me to choose Nepal Vision Treks, although at the beginning I had some doubts relying on a foreign organization in a remote country which I knew only through Internet. But all my doubts turned out to be without any reason, I had a very cordial and welcoming arrival in Kathmandu and it was this honest friendliness of all NepalI people which I appreciated most on the whole trek.

Everset Base Camp Trek-Bernadette-Berg

Besides everything was very well organized, from my arriving at Kathmandu airport till pick up from hotel to airport by taxi before return flight. My guide Tilak was very amiable and turned out to be a good conversation partner and brilliant manager of all situations (e.g.: organizing a helicopter flight to Lukla immediately after all regular flights have been cancelled because of bad weather). We had a very amicable relationship through the trek, also with my porter Dill. I had only a short time schedule for the whole trek (Everest Base Camp and Island Peak Trek), but we managed to adapt the trip to my needs, and finally, after visiting Kalar Pattar and Everest Base Camp, I was standing on Island Peak summit on day 10 after leaving Kathmandu:-) However I had enough time for rest, privacy and nice encounters with other people.

As I couldn´t imagine a better planned trip, I can only recommend Nepal Vision Treks to all the people who want to do an organised trek or climb in Nepal!

Thanks again to Chet, My Guide and Dill for the great time we had together!

2010, Nov

Bernadette Berg
bernadette.berg83 [at]

Wonderful Mera Peak trek arranged by Nepal Vision Treks

Keshav I would like to express my thanks and full satisfaction for the wonderful Mera Peak trek arranged by your company. The trek was scenic and extremely beautiful and the itinerary was flexible according to our wish and the Sherpa and mountain guides, ( Mr Kaji and Gelbo ) were experienced and attending and very considerate and friendly. We really enjoyed our trek and will be glad to recommend your company to our friends.

Aliakbar Eslahchi and  Mera Peak Climbing

Now I am planning Cho Oyo for the coming April and will appreciate if you detail me.
Aliakbar Eslahchi
Iran (Islamic Republic)

Nepal Vision Treks - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A Unique and wonderful adventure.
This October/November we visited, India, Nepal, and Tibet. Our entire experience was fabulous, very enjoyable, and extremely well organized. Keshav we highly recommend your services. Nepal Vision provided us with all the services involved additional to the trekking tour. From airline ticket reservations, hotel accommodations, city tours to even the smallest detail, were always taken care of it. We felt very confident and pampered.

Bertha Velasco and Luis Mourey with Nepal Vision

Our guides were very much involved with us, made us feel very comfortable and fun sharing the experience with them. They are very knowledgeable, kind, experienced and flexible.

Nepal Vision Treks – Excellent service, reliable, very much involved with their clients we highly recommend them.

Bertha Velasco and Luis Mourey
Mexico City, Mexico

Around Annapurna With Nepal Vision Treks

Annapurna round 

W październiku tego roku byłyśmy na trekkingu wokół Annapurny z biurem  Nepal Vision Trek&Expedition. Mimo wielu obaw związanych z wyjazdem na inny kontynent z biurem którego w ogóle nie znałyśmy, okazało się, że wyprawa była profesjonalna pod każdym względem. Oprócz wspaniałych widoków i atrakcji, które oferuje sam Nepal, biuro zapewniło nam przewodnika z wieloletnim doświadczeniem (na przełęczy Thorung La był 26!! razy), który troszczył się o nasz komfort (noclegi, posiłki, bezpieczeństwo). Wielogodzinne rozmowy przy herbacie i podczas wędrówki pozwoliły nam poznać kulturę i obyczaje Nepalczyków, czego nie można przeczytać w żadnym, nawet najlepszym przewodniku, czy idąc samemu na tergo typu wyprawę. Serdeczne podziękowania dla Rishiego. Biuro godne polecenia dla każdego!!

Anna i Agnieszka z Polski

Anna In Annpurna Round Trip

Annapurna round
We have been on the trek Annapurna round with Nepal Vision Trek Expedition in October this year. Despite many doubts of going for a journey on different continent with office we hadn't known at all, it turned out that the trip was professional at every aspect. Besides breathtaking Nepali landscapes our office proved us a guide with great experience (he was on the Thorong La Pass 26 times!!), who cared for us and our comfort (board and lodging, safety). Long-lasting conversations during the walk let us know the culture and customs of Nepali people, which is impossible to read in any paper guide(even the best one), or going alone on that kind of expedition. Special thanks Mr. Chet Bhatta and our Guide Rishi for making this dream comes true for us. The office is highly recommended to everyone.

Anna and Agnieszka from Poland

My Upper Mustang Trek was Fantastic !!

“I can whole heartedly recommend Nepal Vision Treks. From the outset to the end of our trek we, a group of six from the UK, were very well looked after and cared for. The trek which included part of the Annapurna trail and two weeks in the magical Kingdom of Upper Mustang was an amazing adventure and a feast for mind, body and soul. Treat yourself and go”. 

muray and upper mustang trek

Tanmayo Murray-Clark, Bristol, UK

Truly an unforgettable experience!

The majestic scenery, warmth of the people, delicious food, and the slow-paced life was an excellent way to spend the holidays.  Chet was indeed very helpful from the very start, all my detailed questions and any worries I had was quickly responded.  Ram and Dil were excellent travelling companions and I had much fun throughout the trek.

Atsuko Inoue And everest Panorama

The Everest panorama trail I took was good for beginner trekkers such as myself, with just the right amount of distance and altitude with all the great views.   It’s certainly a pleasure to recommend Nepal Vision to anyone who is interested in having a great experience in the Himalayas. Thank you very much for all your hospitality and I very much look forward to another trip in Nepal.

Atsuko Inoue

My Experience from Annapurna to Upper Mustang with Nepal Vision Treks..simply Great

My 14 day trek through the Annapurna's tea house trekking and then into upper Mustang camping trek for 14 days was the best trek I have done during 10 years of trekking in Nepal.

 Nepal Vision organized an itinerary that totally suited our needs and desires. The trek was catered for in every detail and we were able to enjoy trekking in such an incredibly beautiful and mysterious place.

 The guides and porters were amazing and so caring and the cook and the kitchen kept coming up with the most delicious food.

 Well done Nepal Vision, very accommodating very friendly and completely professional.
I am sure I shall be coming back soon.

Sans Robinson
Archa   Click below to check out my website

The Trekking Arrangement by Nepal Vision is simply WOW !

In October/November 2010 I've done three trekkings to different regions with Nepal Vision Treks (NVT) and I'm very satisfied. About the scenery as well as the service provided by NVT. I recommend this company to everyone who wants to enjoy a well organized trekking!

Regarding Guides of Nepal Vision Treks:
I've had good experiences with the guides from NVT. They are knowledgable, overall they are experienced and also flexible regarding changes in itinery upon your request.

Golkyo,  Gosainkunda Langtang Region : Marcel

Regarding Nepal Vision Treks in general:

Service provided by the office in Kathmandu is very good and I find them reliable. They deliver what has been agreed upon.

Regarding the trekkings:

I've done trekkings to Gokyo (Everest Region), Gosainkunda (Langtang Region) and Annapurna Basecamp. All trekkings have excellent AND different scenery. They do not look the same at all. I can definately recommend them all. Please have a look at the pictures and you can decide yourself!

Marcel Dialeman, Netherlands,
November 2010.

Nepal Vision Treks has been an exceptional.

Booking a trek in a foreign country over the internet always fills me with doubt and trepidation however I have to state the Nepal Vision have been exceptional. I found their service was very professional, friendly and gracious.

Iswor the guide was full of local knowledge and very accommodating.

Kalapatther, Mt. Pumori

They have made my trek a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience and I have no hesitation recommending Nepal Vision Trekking to anyone wishing to experience travel in the Himalayas. Sebastian Szczepanski
EBC Trek (15 days)- 15-28 October 2010
spazzz [at ] tpg com au

My Annapurna Base Camp was Incredible !! We will do the next again..!!

There are no words to adequately express our deep appreciation for everything Chet Bhatta and his team at Nepal Vision Treks did to put together our incredible 12-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp. I cannot speak highly enough of the company or of the adventure we had.  Chet is exceedingly knowledgeable and worked with us to design a trekking itinerary which took into account our interests and available time. Our guide, Hom, and our team of porters were exceptionally professional, and did everything possible to make our trek as easy and fun and memorable as it could possibly be. Hom's professionalism and attention to detail were amazing, and his team's care and concern for us was evident every step of the way. We were guided to a place called Annapurna Base Camp, but we think it was heaven!

Ctherine in annapurna base camp

We are already planning another trek -- this time to Mustang -- and you can bet that we will be working through Nepal Vision Treks to plan it.
Catherine Wood
Oregon, USA
ABC Trek, Sep 16 to 28, 2010

Great Hospitality

I did Everest Base Camp trek with Nepal Vision Treks at early Oct and return back to India just now for 3 months holiday. I did book Everest Base Camp trek with them from Australia without prior knowing them as they were very professional on communication on email, I did contact few references of them before joining officially, I am glad that things went well and I have a really a excellent guide- Deepak and Sherpa ram, I especially thank Mr. Chet Bhatta, for his excellent communication which made me to join Nepal Vision trip. I am very happy that he accommodates me.

Everest Trek

I have no complain with them, wish them a best of luck for their profession and definitely, I would recommendation my friends and peoples I know. Ian Andres.
(Oct- 02 to 17th)- Everest Base Camp Trek- 15 days

On travelling
Varanasi, 2010

We had a unique experience with Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition

Unlike other trekkers who showed the glory of the Himalayas and talked about Chet Bhatta & his company, Nepal Vision Treks & Expeditions, I decided that I really should show Chet and talk about the splendor of the Everest Base Camp trek. On the picture, Chet is entertaining my husband. Because this is what Nepal Vision Treks & Expedition is about: not just selling a tour, but making us feel that we had a unique experience.

The trek itself was a wonderful experience, but it wouldn't have been the same if we didn't have the support of our guide and porter, all managed by our friend Chet & his company- Nepal Vision Treks.
We will go back, and I am sure that we will be welcomed as warmly as we have been.

Dinner with Nepal vision treks

Contrairement aux autres marcheurs qui font l'éloge des montagnes et parlent de Chet Bhatta, j'ai décidé de vous présenter Chet et parler de la splendeur de la randonnée qui mène au camp de base de l'Everest. Sur la photo,  Chet (à droite) divertit mon mari. Parce que c'est cela Nepal Vision Trek & Expeditions : pas seulement nous vendre  un circuit, mais nous faire sentir que nous vivons une expérience unique. La randonnée a été magnifique, mais cela n'aurait pas été le même sans l'appui de notre guide et porteur, sous la supervision de notre ami Chet.

Nous retournerons au Népal, et je suis persuadée que nous serons reçu aussi chaleureusement que nous l'avons été. Mrs. Louise Tremblay
2010- May (11th to 27th)

Québec (a) Canada (a)

Excellently Organised

Have had the most wonderful 3 weeks in Nepal and was just amazed by what the country has to offer. From jungle to the peaks of the Himalayas. Trekking to Everest base camp was one of the best things I think I have ever done and a big thank you to Deepak for being the best guide ever.

Nepal Vision testimonial

Would recommend this trip to anyone. The feeling of accomplishment in reaching base camp was just awesome. Was lucky enough to have to time to visit Chitwan national park and Pokhara with its great views of the Annapurna’s.

Thanks very much Tika and to Nepal Vision professional team.

Craig Barry, Sydney, Australia
May 15, 2010

My wonderful experience with Nepal Vision Treks

Keshav, I just want to tell you about the excellent time I had trekking with your company Nepal Vision, Dil and the porter were very helpful, we had an excellent time during the trekking, the lodges were good and also the food. I always feel pleasure to recommend Nepal Vision to any person that wants to do the trekking to Mount Everest base camp.

Alberto Rodrigo Perez

Thank you very much for all the places you took us for sightseeing and the excellent restaurant you took us. Cheers
Alberto Rodrigo Perez
(May 2010)

Bill recommends Nepal Vision for Everest Base Camp Trek

Many thanks to Chet Bhatta, Sr Travel Consultant of Nepal Vision Treks, based in Kathmandu.Nothing was a problem and he kept me fully informed at all times. I booked my trek from Australia with no prior knowledge of the company.

Chet impressed me from the very start, in comparison to the other companies, I was inquiring with. As I was doing this trek alone and am 58 years it was important that I feel secure. I did the 12 day trek and the organization was impeccable, accommodation as described and equipment excellent. The guide and porter were also of a very high standard.


Nothing was a problem for him. He even took me out for dinner the first night and kept my wife in Australia informed of my progress every few days so she wasn't too worried.

I can thoroughly recommend this company. Many thanks Chet and Nepal Vision Team. I had a great adventure.
Bill Potocki (Australia)
(April 2010)

My Everest Base Camp Trek With Nepal Vision Treks

My wife and I trekked to Everest Base Camp in the fall of 2009.  From the airport pickup to the goodbye supper, Nepal Vision delivered beyond expectations.  I corresponded with Chet Bhatta via email and skype prior to booking and found him to be very professional and eager to help in any way.  Chet was the most hospitable, knowledgeable and considerate travel manager I have ever done business with.


Unlike the tour company we usually use in North America, that requires full payment 2 months before departure, Nepal Vision only asks for a down payment and then the remainder upon arrival in Kathmandu.  Other company personnel, including the city tour guide, trekking guide and porter were all very polite and attentive with our comfort and enjoyment always their primary concern.

I highly recommend using Nepal Vision for travel in the Himalayan region.

RW Starratt – Canada
November 2009

Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp was a terrific experience.

Its is good to be home but I miss Nepal. I really had a wonderful experience. Heartful thanks to Nepal Vision Treks for organising this wonerful trip to us. Trekking to Mt.. Everest Base Camp was a terrific experience. Everything went as planned (we were lucky the weather cooperated with us) and everything was delivered as promised. The staff went out of their way everyday to ensure we were taken care of.  I can't put into words the wonderful customer service. 

Recommend Trekking Company In Nepal

Everything started with Travel consultant Chet Bhatta.  From my first enquiry e-mail up to the day before I left for the trip, every question I had was answered quickly and fully.  Once I arrived in Kathmandu I was met by our Head Guide Hom who took care of us in an unbelievable way.  The assistant guides were outstanding as well and the porters were amazing with lugging our gear every day.  Thanks so much for memories that will last a lifetime. I will definitely let my friends know about you and your professional services. Best of luck! Deb Wuest
Nevada, Reno USA

2009 Oct

Brian Deck recommend Nepal Vision Treks services without reservation! 

I have used the guide services offered by Nepal Vision Treks on four trekking adventures over the last 9 years and can whole heartedly recommend them as a first class company.  This company is very diligent in their quest to accommodate any needs a traveler may require.  Nepal Vision Trek’s guides are professional, capable, amiable and fun to hang out with while trekking through the incredible Himalayan landscapes.  They have always been flexible in their itineraries and able to bend to meet my needs and timelines.

Recommend Trekking Company In Nepal

I have known Chet Bhatta personally since 2001 and he has helped me navigate overland travel from India (during country-wide strikes which are a logistical nightmare at times and ubiquitous on the Terrai) on several occasions as well as serving as my guide 3 times.  Chet and his company have arranged flights, booked buses, picked me up at the airport, arranged lodging and helped me acquire needed gear.  If you have a problem or need you can rely on Nepal Vision Trek’s staff to help you out.  Their local knowledge is also a huge benefit as they can give excellent information on the flora and fauna which you will encounter on your trip.

Sincerely, Brian Deck
Boise, Idaho, USA

Nepal Vision Treks have been exceptionally wonderful

My trekking and travel experiences with Nepal Vision Treks have been exceptionally wonderful and I would recommend their services to anyone traveling to Nepal.  I have used the services offered by this company twice in the last 3 years and will definitely arrange future adventures with them as well.  Nepal Vision has provided me with trekking services, city tours around Kathmandu, bus transfer from N. India to Kathmandu, hotel accommodation and everything else in between.

Annapurna Trekking

As a minimally experienced trekker, I felt like the guides of Nepal Vision Treks were in-tune with my abilities and adjusted treks and schedules based on my needs as a client.  Their guides were knowledgeable and level-headed when inclement weather became a factor while trekking and I always felt like my safety was the utmost priority.  The level of experience possessed by the local guides helped ensure a delightful journey through the Himalaya that was both informative and unique.   Nepal Vision’s attention to detail guaranteed my enjoyment throughout both of my trips to Nepal.

Brooke Darnielle Armuth

Elko, NV, USA

Our Nepal trip was an outstanding!

The guides were awesome and informative. We had good weather and the views were incredible. Thank you for all your help. Your work with us was great and I would use Nepal Vision again on my next adventure.
Thank you!

Mr. Gary Adler, Africa
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