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Known to the world as the land of the Himalayas, there is much more to Nepal than just trekking and mountain expeditions. The incredible topographical diversity in Nepal homes numerous exotic natural and cultural beauty. The landscapes, hill hamlets, cultural celebrations, flora and fauna, lakes, rivers and waterfalls offer special sightseeing opportunities.

The architectural and cultural marvels that blossomed over centuries in the major parts of Nepal, including the three valleys that comprise Kathmandu, are magical. Cities like Pokhara redefine natural beauty by marrying the scenic mountains with beautiful lakes surrounded by green hills. Likewise, places like Chitwan captivate visitors with its wildlife and jungle safari while Lumbini invites you to explore the birthplace of Buddha.

Sightseeing activities are popular among tourists for various reasons, least because they are time and cost convenient. Nepal Vision Treks and Expedition has a variety of sightseeing options for you. You can choose to take these services separately or mix them with your trekking holidays. Either ways, the sightseeing in Nepal will offer you unique windows to experience the natural, cultural and architectural beauty of Nepal.

Explore Kathmandu & Pokhara Valley
US $1095

Explore Kathmandu & Pokhara Valley

(8 days)
Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, is the center of cultural assimilation, architectural wonders and varying lifestyle. Since last few decades, it has become a popular hub for entertainment, tourism and trade. Inhabited by native Newar community and later with the influx of indigenous people from other re
Nepal Introductory Trip
US $1630

Nepal Introductory Trip

(16 days)
Nepal, historical and cultural center of Asia, is a popular destination for adventure-travel, sightseeing and holidaying. It consists of splendid mountains, including seven of the fourteen Eight-thousanders. Out of 3 geographical regions in Nepal, the southern region (Terai) is mostly inhabited
Nepal Culture Tour
US $745

Nepal Culture Tour

(7 days)
The South Asian nation of Nepal is rich in cultural heritage, ancient architecture and indigenous lifestyle. Kathmandu valley, at the center of Nepal, is a hub for cultural assimilation, entertainment and architectural wonders. The cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are the major
Birds trip in Nepal
US $1125

Birds trip in Nepal

(10 days)
Nepal is rich in geographical diversities, creating varieties of flora and fauna. The varying altitude and landscape of Nepal offers habitat for 870 different species of birds. Nepal constitutes more than 10% of the World's total bird species. Just to list a few: eight species of stork, six
Helicopter Tours in Nepal
US $

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

(0 days)
Do you ask yourself if there is a comfortable way to explore the diversity of Nepal? Imagine these: You are taken on a helicopter over the gorgeous landscapes of Nepal, flying as close as possible to the snow capped mountains. You are observing the village hamlets from up above the clouds. These are
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