Jungle (Wildlife) Safari in Nepal


Jungle (Wildlife) Safari in Nepal

Huge numbers of domestic and international tourists explore the exotic wildlife of the Nepal. Like the spirit of high Mountains, the passion for exploring Nepal will never die among travelers! The Southern belt of Terai is covered with dense sub-tropical forests that are rich in diverse wildlife and flora. The Terai of Nepal has some of the most exciting jungle safari destinations of Indian subcontinent. You can ride on elephants' back or take a four-wheeler inside the forest to closely experience the wildlife.

Canoeing is one of the most exciting and rewarding safari adventures in Nepal. Nature walk, bird watching excursions and village tours are the other main attractions of the safari trip. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are two of the most popular wildlife destinations in Southern Terai region. The endangered species of One-horned Rhino and Royal Bengal tiger prowl in the dense forest of Terai. Gharial Crocodile, four-horned antelope, striped hyena and the Gangetic Dolphins are other major attractions in the region.

Nepal is a haven for bird lovers and ornithologists. With over 848 species (8% of the world total) of avian in Nepal, almost 500 species are found in the Kathmandu valley alone. Moreover, Kathmandu itself offers the most popular bird watching opportunities. Get your binocular and look forward to a rewarding experience!

Nepal's diverse topography and rich climate has resulted in a variety of wildlife. From the southern Sub-tropical forest of Terai to the Alpine forest of high Himalaya, there is always something special that keeps one twitching.

Chitwan National Park
US $160

Chitwan National Park

(3 days)
Chitwan National Park (932km2), (UNESCO World Heritage Site) located in the Terai belts of Nepal, is one of the most popular destinations for Eco-tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. According to a popular belief, the word Chitwan stands for "Jungle of Tigers." Chitwan is home t
Bardia Safari adventure
US $835

Bardia Safari adventure

(4 days)
Bardiya National Park (968km2) is the largest wildlife reserve in Southern Terai belt of Nepal. Established in 1988, Bardia National Park protects variety of flora and fauna, including rare animals found only in the region. Previously, the region of Bardia was used by the Royal familie
Nepal Jungle Excursion Trip
US $1190

Nepal Jungle Excursion Trip

(11 days)
Nepal is geographically rich in variety of forest, wildlife and vegetation; making it an ideal holiday destination for adventurers, Eco-tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. The Terai (Southern belt) of Nepal is rich in sub-tropical forest, moreover, varieties of flora and fauna are found here. Two of the best saf
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