Why Nepal Vision?


Why Nepal Vision Treks?

Many trekking and tour operators from Nepal and abroad offer their services in this mountainous country. The dilemma becomes how to choose that right one for the trip of your choice. Every operator claims itself to be the best, declaring they have the best guides and offer the best trips. At Nepal Vision Treks and Expeditions, we believe that your holiday in the mountains is more than just a vacation. Thus, we integrate perfect dose of cultural and linguistic experience, traditional and architectural exposure, apart from the obvious natural beauty you get to behold in the Himalayas.

1. Two Decades of Experience

We have been able to learn from our more than two decades long experience in trekking. We have learned as we have grown. With each passing year, our understanding of our valued guests' expectations from their Himalayan adventure has become richer. Trekking the Himalayas with us would mean that you will be able to benefit from the lessons we have drawn and implemented.

2. Mountain Guides and Staff

Your guide and trek staffs are integral in any guided trips. The role of a mountain guide becomes integral while hiking in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Their role is so huge that their expertise or lack of it make or break your trip. At NVT, we have guides with rich experience- some of them having dedicated more than two decades in trekking. Majority of our guides have been awarded government certification. To top it all, we have local guides who know the mountains inside out, which help us to provide trips of utmost quality.

3. Meticulously Researched Itineraries

Nepal Vision Treks and Expedition intends to provide you the best window to behold the natural, cultural, architectural and traditional heritage of Nepal. You, as an intrepid traveler, are looking for the journey of your life time in the Himalayas. NVT provides you the way to do just that. In doing so, we have designed our itineraries after taking the expertise of the experienced local guides. Our trips stand out from the rest not only because they provide the chance to soak up the sheer beauty of the regions, but also because of the meticulous planning and logistic support that goes behind the scenes.

4. Certification

At NVT, the use of nationally certified guides guarantees that your trip leaders have gone through the highest standards of training and have gathered invaluable expertise. Our guides and trek staff have the required insurance. Apart from having up-to-date first aid training, our guides stay in constant touch with Kathmandu office in case of any emergency. We are also certified by the Government of Nepal and other related trekking and climbing authorities of Nepal.

5. Group size

In all our treks, we are flexible with the group sizes. If you already have a group, we arrange separate treks for you to meet your needs. If you are travelling alone, you can sign up into a group. We have fixed departure dates in our websites that you can refer to. We believe that our groups are flexible and multicultural, thus allowing interaction among different nationals, culture and people.

6. Customer Care and Service

If you have any kind of pre-trip questions, be it prior to booking or after booking with us, you can directly call our regional sales managers. They are more than happy to help you with your questions and confusions. Apart from that, our website has a lot of information that you can download and read at your own time. This information is meant to orient you while you plan your trip with us. During the process, you can constantly stay in touch with us via email or phone. You phone calls and emails will be promptly responded. Upon booking with us, you will get a complete information package of detailed itineraries, elevation gains, daily ascents and descends, and other useful information. While in Nepal, we will be responding to all your needs and are always to assist you with everything.

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