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Pack your curiosity and go!
Let your curiosity run wild. Nepal Vision Student Adventures grants you access to the Nepalís most treasured places: the ancient lands, the wilderness areas, and the secret places few tourists see. There, among the scientists, explorers, and indigenous people is where the adventureóand the learningóbegin. So pack your curiosity and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping, life-altering journey.

Designed around your childís boundless curiosity, NV Student Adventures will open your childís mind to new cultures, places, and peopleósupervised each step of the way by engaging educators. Friendships will be built, passions will be discovered, and a newfound respect for other cultures will be forged. Your son or daughter will return with more than a new perspective on the world, he or she will return with valuable high school credit, community service hours, and a positive story to tell future college admissions counselors.

Safe, educational, and the adventure of a lifetime, NV Student Adventures will heighten your childís sense of wonder and leave him or her with an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Get Started
Planning a NV Student Adventure for your child is easy. Your child may be invited to join a teacherís group from his or her school or community, be connected with a teacher preparing for an adventure to the specific location he or she is interested in, or build his or her own travel group.

Try new adventures the world over
Nepal Vision Student Adventures invites you to become an explorer, scientist, or researcher. Hands-on, fully immersed, and totally authentic, our trips take you to places few tourists go. So pack your curiosity!

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