Nepal Safe Travel Guide 2015


It's already been 3 months since the major earthquake struck Nepal and devastated many lives. A popular tourist destination yet small and fragile nation in South Asia is somewhat sustained by the tourism industry. The higher the inflow of tourists, the greater the job creation and rise in GDP.

However, due to travel prohibitions to Nepal levied by many nations, many tourists like you refrain from visiting Nepal altogether. This page on Nepal Safe Travel Guide 2015 is to inform you on the current condition of Nepal and to assure you that traveling now or in the future is completely safe.

Recent Updates

Six of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites closed after the earthquakes were re-opened on Monday, june 15. [...] Security will be in place, tourists will be given guided tours and signboards will indicate specified routes to cause minimal disturbance to structures... ~ BBC

We issue Travel Warnings when we want you to consider very carefully whether you should go to a country at all. [...] There are currently no Travel Alerts or Travel Warnings for Nepal. ~ US Embassy

A report on 'Damage Assessment of Everest Region' conducted between June 27 and July 2 has concluded that most of the villages on the Everest Base Camp trail do not appear to have been affected by landslide hazards as a result of the earthquake. ~ Miyamoto Report: TAAN

5 Important Things to Remember

  1. Refer to your embassy or official reports and assessments before planning a trip to Nepal.
  2. Avoid traveling to the most-affected regions in Nepal or staying inside the buildings marked unsafe by the Government.
  3. Consult your travel agent regarding your preferred tourist destination and the prevailing conditions.
  4. Travel in a group or considering adding yourself in an existing group after consulting your travel agent.
  5. Consult fellow tourists who have already been in Nepal or are planning to travel.

List of Safe Outdoor Destinations in Nepal:

Everest Region   Annapurna Region   Climbing
Remote Region
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